At Craiger's Choppers, we pride ourselves on making a truly customized chopper.  We are not a "bolt-on" customization shop.  Every part is either custom modified, or custom fabricated in-house.  Every piece is handmade with the customers vision in mind to seamlessly create the perfectly customized chopper from top to bottom.  A bike from  Craiger's Choppers is a true one of a kind item.


More importantly, Craiger's Choppers are designed to be an affordable alternative to the outrageous prices of other choppers shops.  Craiger's Choppers will work with you to design a bike that you can afford. 


Craiger's Choppers can service all of your custom chopper demands.  All work is done by hand on premise, from the idea to the final paint job, we can do it all.  If you have a V Twin motorcycle, metric or HD, let us turn it in to your customized chopper. Please call us at our Centerville, TN location at 931/729.9186, or email us and let us help you find the custom bike you've been looking for.  If you do not already own a motorcycle you would like customized, but are interested in your very own custom chopper, see our refab bike section.  Don't miss this great opportunity for your very own custom chopper.