Mission Statement

Because I am a Vietnam vet I have a closeness with my veteran brothers. I have suffered 48 years from PTSD, I was a Huey crew chief and saw my fair share of carnage. Throughout the years I have been a Union Iron worker, AWS Los Angeles Deputy Welding Inspector, Shop Fabricator owner, Union Carpenter, Building Contractor. I am willing and able to teach or help place a veteran in need. We brothers need to share our lives experience with our younger brothers. I have been blessed to be married to my bride of 47 years and she has accepted my ups and downs. Some of my brothers aren't that fortunate and we need to be there for you. God has blessed me with my shop and I have made it my goal to help my fellow brothers and if I can teach you a trade for your future or build you your dream chopper I will help you build it and absorb a lot of my labor. If I can help please give me a call. 

I am an active member of the CVMA and all you brothers are welcomed.